Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor Snow

Friday morning I left early for Brad & Ashleigh’s wedding in Bend, OR. As I’m sure you can recall, Friday is when it was snowing in Portland despite being late March. A few miles west of Detroit, I lost control and found myself on the verge of rolling down this steep incline into Detroit Lake a couple hundred feet below. Fortunately, a nice size rock kept me from going any further and minimized the potential damage to both my wife’s car and myself. Within a minute I had a few good Samaritans there to help. Unfortunately, two more vehicles lost control across the Hwy and hit one-another (It wasn’t just me!!!). The local fire department and Forest Service showed up to check on all of us and luckily there wasn’t any injuries. I called AAA and had a tow truck drag me out so I could continue on my way. Just in case you can’t wait for the blog update about A&B’s wedding, it was awesome and totally worth the near death experience:-)Stay tuned to see a few of their photos in a couple of days.
Drive Carefully